AGBU OC Saturday School Back In Session

September 19, 2018

AGBU OC Saturday School Students enjoying the annual camping trip

AGBU OC Saturday School Students enjoying the annual camping trip

The AGBU OC Saturday is back in session and off to a great start as of Saturday, August 25, 2018. The back-to-school experience has been wonderful for all of the students and their families. Starting off strong on the first day back, students were excited to see their old friends and to get acquainted with their new classmates. Teachers introduced the 2018-2019 curriculum and all the fun events planned for the year such as the upcoming Halloween Party and Thanksgiving Feast towards the end of the year, and the Easter Program in 2019. There are also exciting field trips planned such as a visit to the Laguna Art Museum.

The momentum did not die down after the first day as the school’s annual camping trip took place the third week in session on September 8 and 9. This year the camping trip location was at the Newport Dunes in Newport Beach. Students and their families had a wonderful time camping by the water, swimming, boating and stand-up paddle boarding in the calm lagoon. At nights, they were able to enjoy a campfire with delicious s’mores.

All proceeds from the camping trip will go towards supporting the programming at the AGBU OC Saturday School. To find out more about the AGBU OC Saturday School or to donate, please contact the AGBU Western District office at 626-794-7942.