A Night at the Magic Castle

October 31, 2018


Earlier this month, on Saturday, October 6, 2018, AGBU YPLA had their big event of the year. They decided to do something different, something big! Instead of a Gala, they hosted an evening at the very exclusive members only, Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. One hundred YP’s attended the exclusive event and walked through the opulent old Hollywood hallways, where the likes of Frank Sinatra walked through and performed nightly.

It’s no secret that The Magic Castle remains amongst the most sought-after dinner destinations in Los Angeles. The tickets included a 3-course dinner with a main show, followed by constant intimate entertainment throughout the night. Everyone present had an amazing time and for many it was their first time at the invite-only Magic Castle –all guests of the Castle must be invited by a member magician. It was a privilege for YPLA to have the opportunity to be invited with so many other young professionals.

Given that YPLA was not allowed to publicize the event on social media, and had a limited opportunity to announce the event, the turnout was still great, and all tickets were sold out leading up to the event. With everyone’s attendance and donations, the YP’s successfully raised $3,000, which they will be donating to the AGBU Children’s Center in Armenia at the end of the year.