AGBU YP Cares: Cycle 4 Women

May 1, 2019

YP Cares LA

In Unity is Strength. Harnessing the strength and breadth of the AGBU global Young Professional (YP) Network, AGBU Young Professionals of Los Angeles (YPLA) embarks on an exciting AGBU Pan-YP Global Project, AGBU YP Cares: Cycle 4 Women Campaign. Over the course of the next couple of months, YP groups across the globe will raise as many funds as possible for a common cause, the AGBU Women’s Empowerment Program.

YPLA, along with 20 YP groups worldwide, have joined AGBU YP Cares: Cycle 4 Women Campaign campaign to raise a grand total of $100,000 for the AGBU Women’s Empowerment Program. As the longest standing YP group in the largest and most diverse Armenian diaspora community, YPLA has set a high bar of contributing to 10% of that total, amounting to $10,000.

The AGBU Women’s Empowerment Program is a transformational program designed to give women in Armenia the mechanisms and tools to address gender and opportunity inequalities, encourage participation in all spheres of society, and explore ways to become financially independent – all while helping advance Armenia. The Program has the potential to contribute to the broader women’s movement, break down barriers and accelerate social change across the country. An investment today will also help AGBU develop extensive workshops and supplementary program components to provide additional support from health education to family planning and more.

YPs in Los Angeles interested in joining this movement can commit to register as riders at a spinning class on June 8, 2019, graciously hosted at Sync Yoga + Cycle in Glendale. Riders are YPLA’s Cycle 4 Women Campaign ambassadors, and those moved by this call-to-action can follow these next to get involved:

  1. Access the YPLA CrowdRise page by clicking here. Then, click ‘Join’ to become an ambassador for AGBU YP Cares: Cycle 4 Women Campaign and ride with Team YPLA on June 8th.
  2. Commit to a riding registration fee of $25.00 (your personal donation).
  3. In the ‘About Me’ of your personal page on CrowdRise, write a quick blurb as to what makes this campaign special to you, why you are raising money for this cause, and why you are looking forward to riding with Team YPLA.
  4. Share your personal page link with your networks and friends to raise funds for your personal campaign.
  5. While personal campaigns have a goal of $200.00, in the grand total, these donations will contribute to YPLA’s goal of $10,000. Which, in turn, will combine with global YP fundraising efforts to raise $100,000 for AGBU’s Women’s Empowerment Program. Indeed, in Unity is Strength.

YPLA is committed by supporting AGBU’s Women’s Empowerment Program, and this is why:

“As women in leadership positions, both in the workplace and the AGBU YPLA board, we recognize the challenges that come with being respected and taken seriously as female leaders. We truly appreciate and understand the significant impact and opportunities the AGBU Women’s Empowerment Program provides females in Armenia to have a voice and make a difference. It’s equally important for us to use our roles here in LA to spread awareness about this program.” – Carin Kellzi, AGBU YPLA Co-Chair

“As one of the largest YP groups, we feel the need to come together with the rest of our global YP community in achieving our goals of gender equality and women’s empowerment in Armenia through the work of the AGBU Women’s Empowerment Program. We are just one out of the 20 YP groups and, only through the collaboration of all of us, can we make a significant difference in our Homeland.” – Tenny Kachatourian, AGBU YPLA Co-Chair