AGBU YPLA Recruitment and Open House

November 27, 2019

AGBU Young Professionals of Los Angeles (AGBU YPLA) Board is expanding its efforts with new leadership positions. AGBU YPLA, one of thirty-four AGBU Young Professionals groups worldwide, plays a significant role in revitalizing Los Angeles’s large, unique, and diverse Armenian young professional community with innovative and interesting engagements. Mirroring AGBU’s mission to preserve and promote Armenian identity and heritage through educational, cultural, social and humanitarian programs, AGBU YPLA works purposefully to connect Armenian young professionals in Los Angeles with one another through local activities and global networking. 

Persons ready to lead Los Angeles’s Armenian young professional community into the future are invited to apply for an available YPLA Board position. Applications open on Friday, November 22 and must be submitted by Saturday, December 8. Following application-closure, applicants will be invited to attend a meet-and-greet interview with the YPLA Board on December 14. Selection into the desired YPLA Board position is contingent on majority election, should the volume of applicants exceed the number of available positions. Elected applicants will initiate into their YPLA Board position January 2020 and serve through re-election in December 2020. 

Interested applicants can apply at:

Contact AGBU YPLA with any questions on Instagram or Facebook (@agbuypla) or via email at