AGBU LA Choir’s Impressive Debut Concert

December 12, 2019



On Sunday, November 17, the Western District’s AGBU LA Choir gave its debut concert, Honoring Heritage Through Song celebrating Armenian music through the ages, to a nearly sold-out audience. Under conductor Maestro Gayane Baghdadaryan, the choir presented timeless masterpieces by Komitas, traditional folks songs from the highlands, and modern songs from the 20th century.

Maestro Baghdasaryan, of the Komitas State Conservatory, shares over 30 years of choral experience having worked with many acclaimed choirs including the Armenian State Radio and TV Chamber Choir, Arega Youth Choir, and Sayat Nova Music School Children’s Choir.

Since the concert, the choir has generated a large fanbase of over 1,000 fervent followers, achieving one of its founding ideas: inspire the Armenian community through song.

The choir has also been invited to perform at several prestigious events including the 2019 Gala for the Armenian American Museum.

The choir’s membership is primarily youth-based and boasts 25 dedicated and impassioned members who meet twice weekly to keep the spirit of Armenian music alive.

The group also has the unique privilege of collaborating with Maestro Michael Avetisyan, son of renowned composer Khachatur Avetisyan. Maestro Avetisyan arranges a majority of the choir’s repertoire, converting classic and popular Armenian favorites into four-part harmony for choral singing.

Many community members from the AGBU family have also reached out to support the choir. One such supporter was Aida Gharakhani of Nicole Bakti who generously offered to hand tailor each of the choir’s gowns from her Nicole Bakti collection.

The choir continues to attract new members and is looking forward to future performances and concerts.