AGBU AYA LA-SFV Scouting Activities for January and February 2020

February 28, 2020

Older Scouts Winter Camp 2020

Amid the wintery weather, our older AGBU AYA LA-SFV Boy and Girl Scout troop members travelled to Palm Desert, CA, recently for their annual Winter Camp. The scouts enjoyed the surrounding desert scenery, worked on various merit badges, learned to cook and bake, and even had time to swim. Most importantly, the camaraderie shared with the troop mates only grew stronger as responsibilities were delegated and shared. A fun time was had by all who attended!
AGBU AYA Scouts_Winter Camp 1

AGBU AYA Scouts_Winter Camp 2


Girl Scout Cookie Sales

It’s the most delicious time of the year when our Girl Scouts start selling Girl Scout Cookies! With ample ambition and excitement, our Girl Scouts visited nearby neighborhoods and knocked on many doors for this annual fund-raising effort. Aside from reaching their troop’s objectives, each Girl Scout gained valuable life skills, such as, how to become an entrepreneur, teamwork, planning, setting business goals, and more.

AGBU AYA Scouts_Cookie Sales 1

AGBU AYA Scouts_Cookie Sales 2


Eagle Scout Service Projects: Y. Paul Mekjian and Y. Gregory Nalbandian

On December 22, 2019, Y. Paul Mekjian successfully completed his Eagle Scout Service Project at Chatsworth Park Elementary School in Chatsworth, CA. With the help and support of his fellow scouts, leaders, family members and friends, eight seating benches were assembled, two large planter boxes were constructed and filled with soil, and a sturdy workbench was provided. With the creation of this new outdoor learning area, his wish is for the students, faculty and staff members to enjoy his contribution for many years to come.

Our second Eagle Scout Service Project was held on Sunday, February 9, 2020. Y. Gregory Nalbandian completed his project with the help of his fellow scouts, leadership, committee members, and of course, family. His project, benefitting the Assisted Living residents of Ararat Home in Mission Hills, CA, provided new seat cushions and LED outdoor lighting in the outdoor lounge area, a rejuvenated garden surrounding the adjacent museum, and the construction of three new raised garden beds abounding with a variety of tomato and herb plants, as well as a well-supplied workbench/storage.

AGBU AYA Scouts_Y. Paul Eagle Scout Project 1

AGBU AYA Scouts_Y Paul Eagle Scout Project 2


AGBU AYA Scouts_Y Greg Eagle Project 1

AGBU AYA Scouts_Y Greg Eagle Project 2