How the Halburian Siblings are Helping CHLA

February 28, 2020

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“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.”

For Adrineh and Sevag Halburian, students at AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School, doing good for others has become a big part of their lives. The brother sister duo who have been a part of the AGBU MDS family since they were 2, are Junior Ambassadors of  Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and spend their free time fundraising for children in need.

The Junior Ambassadors of CHLA is comprised of kids and teens from the community who support the hospital’s lifesaving work. The program offers kids the opportunity to work together and become incredible hospital representatives and fundraisers. It’s a powerful and inspiring model of kids helping kids.

Since 2012, Junior Ambassadors have given hope to our community by speaking at various events, sharing their stories and inspiring more than $2 million in donations to support the hospital’s patients and families.

When asked how they got involved in such a program, 5th grader Audrineh tells us about how a simple hair cut turned into something so much more.

“Last summer, I decided to cut 8 inches of my hair and donate it to Wigs of Luv. My hairdresser Madison Molique encouraged me to do it.  I felt really happy about being able to help a child who might have lost their hair due to cancer. This made me think that I could do more to help children that are stuck in a hospital and can’t have the same freedom I enjoy every day. That’s when we heard about the CHLA Junior Ambassador program and I decided to join and raise money to help CHLA get toys, electronics, and fun activities for children who have to stay at the hospital.”

Her brother Sevag, who is currently in 7th grade, got involved because he wanted to support his sister and help kids at the same time.

Since becoming ambassadors Audrineh and Sevag have learned a lot about being positive, being supportive and never giving up. They’ve also learned how to plan and promote fundraisers, interact with others, and speak in front of audiences. These are all skills they’ve put to practical use while promoting the lemonade stand they set up earlier this year to raise money for the hospital. Through their fundraising efforts, Audrineh and Sevag have been able to raise over $1000.00 for children in need.

“The best part about being a CHLA ambassador is helping others, raising awareness, and being able to raise money for the kids who are not able to come out with us to fundraise, “say the Halburian siblings.

Last month, during morning assembly for the elementary students, Audrineh was recognized for acts of kindness and work as a CHLA ambassador.

Audrineh tells us, “This program has taught me that even if you are ill or sick, you can still tell yourself you are ok and go about a normal life as much as you can. You shouldn’t use your illness as an excuse not to do things. The program has also taught me how family and real friends are always there for you when you are going through a rough time.”

Family and friendship is very important to the Halburian siblings, particularly their AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian school family, which extends into their home. Both of their parents are AGBU MDS alumni, class of ‘96 and ‘97 and their mother, Mrs. Halburian, is currently a 2nd grade teacher. Both Audrineh and Sevag have made lifelong friendships at school and share with us that their family history makes the school very special for them.

Both Audrineh and Sevag plan to continue their work as Junior Ambassadors in the upcoming years and hope this article will inspire more students to join the program.

“If we had one message for kids our age it would be that you don’t have to be an adult to help others. Anyone can help someone who needs it, and if anything happens, don’t worry! Keep fighting through it because you got this!”

Wise words from two awesome kids.


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