AGBU Pasadena Glendale Chapter & AGBU-AYA Pasadena Glendale Scouts & American Red Cross Host Blood Drive

July 24, 2020

On Monday, July 20th from 11am – 5 pm, the AGBU Glendale-Pasadena Scouting chapter organized and hosted a blood drive in collaboration with American Red Cross at the AGBU Center in Pasadena.

The gymnasium on-site was transformed into a blood-donation center complete with a social-distance friendly waiting area, intake area, and blood donation area. At any given time, up to 4 donors could donate blood. All donors arrived masked and ready to do their part while the American Red Cross took many precautions throughout the entire process to ensure the safety and health of donors were not compromised.

Karine Yeterian, the local commissioner for the AGBU Glendale-Pasadena scouting chapter was among the donors and said “The AGBU Scouts leadership answered the call to action. We knew there was a need for blood during this pandemic and we were happy to be a small drop in the bucket for a greater cause”

Renee Ortega, a phlebotomist from the American Red Cross said, “For people who can’t donate and give monetarily this is something free your bodies produce and to give it is the biggest help for human kind because as long as humans exist we will need blood.”

AGBU Glendale-Pasadena Scouts and the American Red Cross collected 33 pints of life-saving blood and every participant who gave blood helped their community beyond measure during this critical time. “The AGBU Glendale-Pasadena Scouts have been generous with their time and continue their efforts to bring the entire Pasadena community together the fight against COVID-19,” Said Gohar Stambolyan, Director of AGBU West Coast Office. The American Red Cross will continue their efforts for blood collections. For more information visit

The AGBU Glendale-Pasadena Scouting chapter hopes to plan another blood drive in the near future and continue their work in helping the community.